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A songwriting blog by Michael Holland

Matt Dusk would like a cool song – and here it is!

OK, so I spent three and a half weeks trying to write a song for Matt Dusk. Matt is a fantastic singer, and loves the same music that I do – the classics of Sinatra and Dino and Tony Bennett and Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald.  As a singer myself, I sing the classic songs […]

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SAC Week 6

Here’s my blog for Week 6! It was down to the wire, moments to go, and here it is! A Christmas song written AND recorded in the last three hours! As of 6pm tonight, I was unable to think of a song idea I liked, but I wanted to post something, dammit!  Three hours later, something […]

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SAC Challenge Week 5 – in which I murder a ballad!

  Here’s the link to my new song written for this week called “Broken”. I wrote it and played all the instruments and sang it, and recorded it all in less than one day. www.soundcloud.com/michael-holland-11/broken OK, so I confessed last week that I was too snuggly and friendly to be of much use at writing […]

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Fog obscures details of Vancouver's downtown

Loving penguins and Pooh Bear makes EDGY difficult

SAC Challenge Week 4 – well, it was time to be EDGY and I failed miserably because I’m just too snuggly and friendly. Oh well!  Why change a good thing?  After being on the receiving end of some pretty intense corporate litigation for way too many years, I was eventually free of that constant irritant, and I […]

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flowers in spring

SAC Challenge Week 3

Well, it’s week 3 and we had to do an advertising pitch – a 60second commercial that could be cut down to 15s and 30s without losing the vibe!

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WAVES Element Virtual Instrumentl, an excellent synthesizer plug-in.  This shows the ISAO TOMATO patch, a reference to Isao Tomita, the Japanese synth pioneer who covered Gustav Holst's The Planets Suite using only synthesizers to create the orchestra.

SAC Challenge Week 2

Well, it’s been a long weekend.  I co-wrote a pop song with Lucy LeBlanc and Dave Stanley Daoust on Friday night, and then recorded it until Monday night, and here it is!  It’s called Unstoppable.  It’s aimed at Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, and it was very enjoyable to work on with Lucy and Dave. This […]

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1974 Yamaha Baby Grand Piano (thanks for the inspiration, Elton).

SAC Challenge 2015 Week 1

It’s February again, and that means it’s time for the Songwriter’s Association of Canada Challenge 2015. This year, the SAC Challenge is all about giving writers a chance to feel some of the pressure and time demands of the real world of professional songwriting and includes an opportunity to pitch songs to an established Canadian […]

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MH Profile Pic Possible

Week 6 Six Feet Under and Gone 2nd DEMO

  Well it’s here… the end of the coursera.org course on Songwriting.  It was an excellent experience.  I ran out of time,  naturally, so I didn’t quite nail it, but it was close… I posted the song with two minutes to spare. This week we had to decide how to weight our vocal lines – […]

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SAC Blogging Challenge 2013 End of Week 5: A protest song for 2013

It’s blogging time again!   I’ve been hard at work on the assignment for Week 5 of the ongoing songwriting course from coursera this week. Both the thesaurus and the rhyming dictionary got a serious workout this week, as required for the assignment.  I decided to protest this week!  Time for a week off from songs about […]

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Michael Holland of Wiggly Toes Music Productions

SAC Blogging Challenge 2013 Week 4 – “I’M 2 USED 2 THIS”

I hope you all enjoy my song “I’m 2 Used 2 This”. It’s on Soundcloud at  http://snd.sc/YNQBvs Four weeks into the coursera.org online songwriting course and we’ve covered an amazing amount of ground in a short space of time.   This week’s lessons focused on the stressing of syllables in rhythmic patterns that would preserve the […]

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flowers in spring

SAC Blogging Challenge 2013: End of Week 3

  Spring is here at last…  Well, we used the rhyming dictionary and the thesaurus a fair bit this week. I wanted another way to say “luminous”.  For such a task, a thesaurus is very handy. OK, it doesn’t always help.  If I called a lady luminous, she might well be flattered, but I’m concerned […]

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End of Week 2 SAC Blogging Challenge: Stability & Instability

There are buildings that stand and buildings that have crumbled in the Roman Forum, pictured above. Stability and Instability. Yes, it does sound like an episode of the English TV comedy Blackadder, or perhaps an undiscovered Jane Austen romance, but, in fact, stability and instability is serious business for a songwriter. This is not just […]

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SAC Blogging Challenge – End of WEEK 1

They packed so much good stuff into the first week, I can’t wait to absorb every last morsel of wisdom that lies ahead. These are the professional’s tools we have been given by Pat Pattison and Berklee and Coursera, and it’s a truly wonderful thing to get this quality instruction for nothing but our time. […]

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CM Labs CM64 programmable recallable analog patchbays

Recording song ideas quickly

La la la la… that’s it! My sure-fire global viral hit. I can’t let this idea slip away through my fingers! What really counts at these moments is the preservation of the inspiration, not the quality of the recording. We’re not all recording engineers. When inspiration strikes and you want to capture that idea, time […]

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The Fantastic Voyage of Writing Songs – the SAC Challenge 2013

Welcome. If you’re reading this, then probably you love to write songs as much as I do, and so, dear reader, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship! I am taking part in the Songwriters’ Association of Canada 2013 Blogging Challenge. I will be blogging each week as I proceed through a Songwriting […]

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SAC Blogging Challenge 2013

Pat Pattison’s 6-week free online Songwriting course on coursera.com begins March 1 The course is about to start and I am thrilled! I will spend six weeks learning from the man himself! Most songwriters have discovered Pat Pattison and Berklee before too long. I’m a proud member of the Songwriters’ Association of Canada. Many other […]

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