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Loving penguins and Pooh Bear makes EDGY difficult

SAC Challenge Week 4 – well, it was time to be EDGY and I failed miserably because I’m just too snuggly and friendly.

Oh well!  Why change a good thing?  After being on the receiving end of some pretty intense corporate litigation for way too many years, I was eventually free of that constant irritant, and I decided EDGY was for other people = people who didn’t wonder if they had PTSD….


I am good, don’t worry!  I learned more than a few things and, as it is, I’ve never been the tattooed biker guy with the abs and the dubious briefcase.  I’ve always been a big romantic – much more a McCartney than a Lennon, definitely more Tony Bennett than Kurt Cobain – and country is not really my usual style of songwriting, but country was what was wanted.

I tried to write a country song that respected the Outlaw tradition.  Well, for some reason, I wasn’t really firing on all cylinders this week.  I was a bit too literal in that pursuit, so my song is more homage than it should be, according to the brief from the SAC.  My task was to write an EDGY country song, but I had limited time and even though I wrote four different songs this week in the attempt, it didn’t really work out.  All of them were terrible.  Oh well, what can I do?  It happens.  EDGY does not sit well with me.

I went with this song, because it was the best I had at the time I needed to start recording something or forget it completely!

I do like this song, and I think it has some commercial merit, but not in the EDGY modern style that was requested in the SAC brief.  This is a fairly traditional sound.  They wanted something more like Kacey Musgraves (or on the more commercial end of the spectrum) Miranda Lambert.  All the same, I like it, and it has a resonance with the era it celebrates.

I would have added banjo, steel and snare if I had found enough time to do so, but alas!  Perhaps after the challenge is over for this year I will do so.


Fog obscures details of Vancouver's downtown

Fog obscures details of Vancouver’s downtown





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