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SAC Blogging Challenge: End of Week 2: THIS MOMENT

An inspiring view in BC

OK, my public humiliation is complete.  It’s good for me!

Here’s the URL for the demo I made for my song fragment this week.

Here’s what I got from this demo…

1.  Always make a demo at home before you spend any money to see what you have

2. My song needs a better verse, and obviously lacks a bridge

3. NEVER put a tired cliche in your song ANYWHERE

4.  Absolutely NEVER put a tired cliche in the power position right before your chorus, as I have done, and put a huge spotlight on it with an unstable number of lines and/or syllable stresses, or it will make you cringe as it goes by each time

5  Production will NOT save you = make the SONG do the work before the producer even hears it

6  NEVER publicly share it.  Oops, too late…


Other than the above, it was fun!





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