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SAC Challenge Week 3

Well, it’s week 3 and we had to do an advertising pitch – a 60 second commercial that could be cut down to 15s and 30s without losing the vibe!  We needed a song that was 60 seconds long at a minimum, although any length was fine beyond that, as long as it could be successfully edited to size and was a broadcast quality, ready to air sound.   A realistic and fun challenge!

The song had to be pure fun, and child-centric, although not heart-stringy or overly emotional.  It had to be light, playful and fun, and that’s what I aimed for.

I would have like some quirky instrumentation, a recorder, say, or a xylophone or toy piano.  I tried those things and they didn’t quite resonate against my acoustic guitar and vocal take.  I tried odd percussion – a skull, a guiro, a cabasa, even an African thumb piano with Melodyne squeezing it’s notes into the key of G.  None of it really worked.

I stuck with acoustic guitar (a folky Paul Simon fingerpicking part played on my L’Arrivee acoustic) and a single lead vocal, with effects courtesy of various plugins and a little tape emulation from Slate Virtual Tape Machine and a Neve 33609J doing buss compression on the master fader.

I hope you like it!   The instrumental intro is 15 seconds long, so it should be easy to edit shorter.  Four bars is roughly 7.5 seconds, which is why editing to size is not so hard.

LYRIC:  “Your Happy Face” (Michael Holland 2015 All Rights Reserved)

It’s so cool to play pretend with you, my friend

Yes, I’d love to count to ten, go hide again

And we’ll blow bubbles

We’ll splash in puddles

Climbing trees, we’ll buzz like bees

Play our games all day

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I love your happy face!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I love your happy face!

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