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SAC Week 6

Here’s my blog for Week 6! It was down to the wire, moments to go, and here it is! A Christmas song written AND recorded in the last three hours!

As of 6pm tonight, I was unable to think of a song idea I liked, but I wanted to post something, dammit!  Three hours later, something was rapidly written and recorded, although the lyric did not get completed, so I used the same verse lyric and pre-chorus lyric twice during the song, which is obviously far from ideal.  Today’s song idea is called “Christmas On Every Corner”.  The lyric is at Soundcloud -see link at the side of this page.

I do already have a Christmas song I wrote a few years back called “Peace On Earth” at https://soundcloud.com/michael-holland-11/peace-on-earth which you may enjoy. Although I have been totally absorbed by the Matt Dusk pitch demo I’m completing this week, I did try to give a little time to the Christmas idea but each time I wrote something it was full of cliches.  I don’t think this is much different, sadly, but it was all I managed to write in the time available.

I recorded what I had as a rough idea and posted that.  It’s a very, very hard thing to write a decent Christmas song.  There is a fine balance required between traditionalism and invention.   I did better on my previous Christmas song, I think, “Peace On Earth” – link above – though it was not written during the challenge.  Anyway, both songs can be heard at my Soundcloud page.


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