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UAD-2 Ocean Way Studios plug-in, which models the rooms at the world-famous Ocean Way Studios, and allows you to add their room ambience, and reposition virtual microphones within the virtual studio rooms  The first of it's kind.


    Well, we’ve covered a huge amount of processing devices and techniques in the last week.  There’s still a huge amount to go, which is totally awesome! I’ve posted over 25,000 words this week alone, all discussing just three very broad categories of effects, namely delay, reverb and modulation effects. In today’s blogpost I’ll […]

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The WAVES Manny Marroquin Reverb plug-in, with modulation and distortion parameters.


    REVERB CONTROLS There are a huge number of variations in the controls on a reverb.  It’s a bewildering array of controls, in fact, with few reverbs sharing the same exact set of parameters. This is, for the most part, due to the differences between the various methods of creating reverb. Modern reverbs, in […]

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The ubiquitous Lexicon 224XL reverb, modeled here in software for the UAD-2 platform.


    Reverberation is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens all around us, all the time.  It’s the pattern of reflections that builds up in a space when direct sound waves bounce off obstacles and reflect back in different directions in different length paths of travel.Over time, this web becomes pretty complex, although it also […]

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Waves Kramer Tape Delay


    MODULATION EFFECTS The image above looks totally awesome, and it’s a picture of a tape delay plug-in, which is a time domain effect, as are modulation effects.  However, tape delay is not a modulation effect since there is no modulation occurring.  Unless you have more than one tape machine… OK, so wow and […]

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After all the gigs and recording sessions I've been part of, it's hard to look at the UAD plug-in model of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, the hardware unit I wish I'd never sold.  On the other hand, where the hell would I get 1/4" tape?  This is a lost love of mine, right down to the black cover peeling off the unit after so much loving tenderness and so many unfortunate incidents.


    DELAYS There are various types of time-based effects, also known as time domain effects. The simplest types are called delay effects. You may come across mono delays, stereo delays, tape delays, outboard delays, numerous flavours of plug-in delays, duplicated tracks offset in time, cross delays, multitap delays, ping-pong delays, and others in your travels. There […]

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UAD Precision Multiband, a fantastic multiband processing tool.  Here you can see the Hip-Hop Hype preset in action.


    WHAT ARE MULTIBAND DYNAMICS? This category of processing is dangerous to your audio when misused.  It is a very, very powerful type of processing. You can target just the frequency areas you want by using this tool, and it has all kinds of uses in recording projects. It’s fairly new to the scene, […]

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Sonalksis SV-719 Expander/Gate/Ducker


    EXPANSION The inverse of compression is expansion. Compression is used a great deal more often than expansion, but the expansion technique is very helpful in certain situations.  I mentioned this in yesterday’s blogpost briefly, but here’s the full deal on how expansion works. Picture yourself in a room. The ceiling represents the very […]

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Abbey Road EMI TG12413 Limiter plug-in


    A QUICK RECAP ON WHY WE USE COMPRESSION OK, so you record some vocals on your new song.  Naturally, it has it’s louder moments and it’s quieter moments. You haven’t compressed it yet.  Maybe you have, but you’ve simply evened it out a touch while recording was taking place, using a compressor with […]

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Two modern hardware classic compressors. This is the UA 1176 LN above the UA  Teletronix LA-2A


  Two modern hardware classic compressors. This is the UA 1176 LN above the UA Teletronix LA-2A   WHAT exactly are DYNAMICS anyway? Dynamics processing deals with adjusting the dynamic range of a piece of audio.   That means deciding how loud or soft it will be, moment to moment. For our purposes, this is […]

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Manley Massive Passive stereo tube EQ above a Drawmer 1961 stereo tube EQ


    People often over-use EQ at home, going through their tracks and making each individual track sound as good as they can. It’s a common mistake, but it’s easy to avoid. The quick version is… Use EQ sparingly and only when you think you really need to.  Never make EQ decisions when the solo […]

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