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Week 6 Six Feet Under and Gone 2nd DEMO

  Well it’s here… the end of the coursera.org course on Songwriting.  It was an excellent experience.  I ran out of time,  naturally, so I didn’t quite nail it, but it was close… I posted the song with two minutes to spare. This week we had to decide how to weight our vocal lines – […]

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SAC Blogging Challenge 2013 End of Week 5: A protest song for 2013

It’s blogging time again!   I’ve been hard at work on the assignment for Week 5 of the ongoing songwriting course from coursera this week. Both the thesaurus and the rhyming dictionary got a serious workout this week, as required for the assignment.  I decided to protest this week!  Time for a week off from songs about […]

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flowers in spring

SAC Blogging Challenge 2013: End of Week 3

  Spring is here at last…  Well, we used the rhyming dictionary and the thesaurus a fair bit this week. I wanted another way to say “luminous”.  For such a task, a thesaurus is very handy. OK, it doesn’t always help.  If I called a lady luminous, she might well be flattered, but I’m concerned […]

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End of Week 2 SAC Blogging Challenge: Stability & Instability

There are buildings that stand and buildings that have crumbled in the Roman Forum, pictured above. Stability and Instability. Yes, it does sound like an episode of the English TV comedy Blackadder, or perhaps an undiscovered Jane Austen romance, but, in fact, stability and instability is serious business for a songwriter. This is not just […]

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