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Week 6 Six Feet Under and Gone 2nd DEMO

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Well it’s here… the end of the coursera.org course on Songwriting.  It was an excellent experience.  I ran out of time,  naturally, so I didn’t quite nail it, but it was close… I posted the song with two minutes to spare.

This week we had to decide how to weight our vocal lines – front-heavy (primary stress on the downbeat) or back-heavy (primary stress on a weak bar downbeat, or a non-downbeat).  I had a lot of fun trying to decide what was happening in this song.  The stress in the chorus is the main change, since the bridge and the verses are mostly front-heavy.




Go have a listen and please let me know what you think!  I decided the prosody was suffering in the previous version of the song, from a sort of groovy hipster silliness that didn’t suit the material.  This time, I went for guitar shrapnel and exploding drums…  which seemed more appropriate to the topic.



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